Quality, Loving,
In-Home Care for your Pet while your away.

And, now a word from my happy clients!

Joey, the Labrapoodle

“We trusted Carolynne to care for our beloved puppy. We knew he’d be safe and taken care of.”
Erin R. and Ben D. -- Concord

Smokey and Peanut, the kitties

“Smokey and Peanut stayed in their own home and didn’t have to go to a kennel. I came home to very much loved, happy and content kitties. My pets and my home are being well taken care of - It’s all about trust.”
Micheline J. -- Concord

Norma Jean, the Lahsa; Sassy, the Border Collie; and Fritz, Lady, Muggs and Abby, the cats

“My pets are well cared for, as well as the house, during our absences. The ‘kids’ seem to look forward to each visit.”
Jeanette W. -- Antioch

Koby, the Husky

“Wagging Tail Pet Sitting provides the best pet care service we have ever used. Carolynne is wonderful with pets and provides such personal service, whatever our needs. Koby probably likes her better than us!”
Sally and Pat L. -- Concord

Katie, the Retriever; Hudson, the Border Collie and Duncan, domestic kitty

“Wagging Tail Pet Sitting is attentive to pets’ special needs. Carolynne did such a great job with my pets, caring for them in their own home just as well as I would if I were there. They were calm and happy when I returned home.”
Karen R. -- Concord

Kitana, Cadfael and Kismet - the kitty family!

“We noticed right away that our cats were happy and stress free. Plus, coming home to a ‘pet-mess free’ home was wonderful!”
Mary Jane & Robert G. -- Pittsburg

Mia, the Chocolate Labrador

“Wagging Tail Pet Sitting provides the best quality service. Carolynne is individually reliable and dependable in providing pet care.”
Barbara S. – Concord

Seven and Baby, the cats; Bun-Bun, the bunny; Sky and Cloud, the parakeets

 “Wagging Tail Pet Sitting is professional and reliable. Since Carolynne has cared for our pets, they appear relaxed and content when we go on vacation and upon our return home.”
Pete & Julianne C., Pittsburg